Soul essence gem

"I spent years of my life researching forbidden tomes and risked the destruction of my soul to create it, but now I have taken the first step towards Godhood." -Angela Dark-Wail, on her creation of The Wailing Dark.

The Wailing Dark is a powerful magical artifact, created by Angela Dark-Wail, The Witch of Screaming Mountain.

Physical Appearance

The Wailing Dark can take on theoretically any physical form, though passively takes the form of a black crystal with a soft purple aura emanating from it.


The creator and current owner of The Wailing Dark is Angela Dark-Wail, though it is possible to for one to become its new owner. The process of becoming the owner of The Wailing Dark is painful, and with a heavy risk attached. To do so, one must perform a ritual, removing their heart and replacing it with The Wailing Dark. The nature of this ritual means that ownership cannot be transferred without causing the death of the previous owner.


The potential of The Wailing Dark is potentially limitless, though requires an acute understanding of it to use. Its most basic ability is to take on crude shapes as a black mass, coming from the owner, such as weapons. It can also be used to make armor, change ones form, and many other powers, though time and effort must be put into learning how to use these abilities, and the powers themselves require the owner to maintain concentration.