"'My kind of group', thought Orik as he listened to the ugly description of the organisation of Rogues and ne'er do wells, intent then on getting himself in on the trade." -Excerpt from Allochval Songblade's The Tale of The Dwarven Thief.

The Thieves Guild is a faction made up of criminals that exist throughout the World. Though vast, because of the lack of communication between communities, it runs with autonomy in every community it exists in. Each Guild has its own way, though are governed by the same fundamental laws.

Secret Communication

Most members of The Thieves Guild can speak in Thieve's Cant, a secret language made up of slang, jargon and hand signals to appear as normal conversation, with the true intent hidden to any unfamiliar with the language. As well as this, The Guild uses secret written signs used to express a simple message, often left all over the city, though only recognized by members of The Guild and those familiar with them. The messages are made of simple components, and can be combined to represent a great number of things, though there is a standard on the signs commonly used.

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Most Common Guild Signs

Ears to the Ground

The Thieves Guild is built upon a foundation of information and trust, and as such, The Guild makes use of Beggars to gain information in exchange for Gold. The information is not usually very detailed, though it is inexpensive and makes up a wide drag net. More detailed information can be acquired from Spies within the Guild, who specialize in information gathering.

Cloak and Dagger

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Guild Sign Components

Members of The Thieves Guild are bound to silence regarding The Guild, including members, locations, secrets in communication; anything other than the general existence of the Guild is a forbidden topic outside of secret communications with other Guild Members. To this end, Members of The Guild from other communities introduce themselves to members by initiating conversation, making a nonchalant hand signal that reveals the back of their hand. This utilizes the small, innocuous scar on the back the hand that all Members of The Guild receive upon initiation, proof of their Membership to the Guild, though a simple, barely perceivable blemish to others. Expulsion from The Guild results in the acquisition of a second scar, overlapping the first, more distinctive, to mark you as one to not be associated with.

Honor Amongst Thieves

The Thieves Guild is made of of those outside the law, but is bound in a law of its own to maintain its structure. The law of The Guild is based on common sense, secrecy, and a lack of confrontation both outside and within The Guild.