Ruined castle by throneseeker-d5rvz71

"A once splendid place of happiness and regalia. I still see it as it was now. My eyes cry eternal tears to fill its forgotten lakes." -Dynastes, The Spirit of the Crown, describing his home.

The Marble Palace was once a thriving community, a small city surrounding the palace which was its namesake. Since The First Snows, however, it has been weathered and broken and now lies as a pile of rubble and ruin, a testament to the inevitable fall of the prideful. It is also a common place where Dynastes , The Spirit of the Crown, can be found.


For time immemorial, The Marble Palace stood as the heart of The Kingdom of Wintervale, a jewel to the kings and common folk. The kingdom was ended with The Ending War, along with all other kingdoms and empires. The last to rule here was King Godi, accepted as the kindest of his kin, who died following The First Snows.

Following The First Snows

After The First Snows, The Marble Palace fell into ruin, The Kind King Godi killed by the collapse of The Palace, the cities and towns that made up the once great kingdom have since been buried, the only remnant of it being the city of Atall Varda, and of course the immediate city around The Palace itself.