"A miracle beyond the power of a mere forge. This is something truly divine." -Lothrik Breeze-Hammer.

The Blade of the Spirit is an Artifact created by Ukhel, the Spirit of the Warrior, and given to an individual who proves their mettle. It is reborn every time it is given, and has no constant form, other than its initial form of a Katana, when it is first given. The Blade is capable of changing into a different form, dependent on the one chosen as its wielder. This second form typically has greater attack power than others of its kind. The Blade, when wielded by its chosen wielder, weighs nothing, as it is attached to their soul and is considered a part of them, though hits with the force of an object of that weight, increasing its power by an amount of d4s equal to your Strength Modifier, unless the weapon has Finesse or is ranged. The Blade is also capable of an even more powerful form, again determined by the nature of the chosen wielder. This form is only accessible by expending a charge, of which only one is available per day. In this form, the power of the Blade is devastating, creating an effect that is determined by the DM. The Blade is also sentient, though its wielder may not realise it, as it requires much thought and meditation to commune with the soul inside.