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"A figure of legend. A champion of The Three Deities themselves. You're first obstacle in your quest for dominion." -Barrash, to Morgorath.

Runoth is an ancient warrior, known as The Guardian of Honeremorte. He was once Human, though now is a mighty silver Dragon.


As a young man, Runoth was a Paladin who swore to protect the land from the Demons beneath the Earth. Having defeated them all and saving Honeremorte at an incredibly young age of 23, Runoth became so great, his will so fierce that he was born as a Dragon, becoming the Guardian of Honeremorte. During this time, he married and had children, beginning the Silver-Scale Family, from whom, one day, a Warrior would be born, one who would challenge his Ancestor...

Entrapped in a Grave of Ice

During The War of the Risen Orcs, Runoth was visited by the Half-Dragon Warlock, Barrash. Barrash had learned of a technique that could bind Runoth to a particular site, tricking Runoth into activating the enchantment himself. Runoth was buried under the ice of Warg Territory for the next 30 years...

Monster Hunters

30 years after his entrapment, Runoth was freed when The Monster Hunters unwittingly destroyed the Rune keeping him trapped. Now free, Runoth had worked with Saeren, the King of Elendor, to defeat his descendant, Morgorath...