"Fine quality swords. Never seen this type of metal before. Strong. Alluring." -Lothrik Breeze-Hammer to Elswin Red-Wind.

Redsteel is a mystical material, not enchanted, but mined naturally, imbued with the latent energy of Magic itself. True to its name, it resembles steel and is of a red hue. It can be enchanted, and while the enchantments are powerful, they are random and chaotic. It does, however, carry effects of magic used near it. When a spell or magical effect occurs near an object made of Redsteel, the Redsteel from that point carries an enchantment of the same nature. It will lose this enchantment, for it to be replaced with another if this happens again. There are other means of preventing this, rendering such enchantments able to be retained until the owner allows a change in enchantment.