"Even I dread going there. Home to Vampires and Werewolves and Leprechauns." -Wynnifer Bloodseer.

Myrkr is a community East of Atall Varda, of a size between that of a large town and a small city. It is a dark place, filled with horrific monsters and people mad enough to live in an area close enough by them.

Visual Description

Myrkr is described as almost never seeing the light of day, always with the light of the full moon above, or at least a facsimile of it due to the strange clouds looming over the community, refracting the light of the moon even after it has left. There is always a soft wind in in the area, blowing through petrified plants at a low frequency, causing the illusion of eerie silence at all times, rendering it almost impossible to walk the streets without feeling a sense of unease. The construction material of all buildings is dependent on the wealth of the residents, with those with more Gold often living in cold stone homes, with those poorer living in houses made of driftwood or deadwood, due to the lack of living trees in the surrounding area. The lakes surrounding the community reverberate sound, leaving a distant echo in the silence of the night, the cold leaving an almost constant fog.