"Where once was a noble-hearted warrior was now a black-souled shell, only capable of destruction, far from the salvation he was born to be." -Runoth.

Morgorath is the King of The Golden World, and is a figure in legend as a hero who saved Honeremorte during The War of The Risen Orcs by slaying the entire population of Grummspire in a single night. Descended from the Dragon, Runoth, Morgorath is powerful, intelligent, and destined for greatness.

The War of The Risen Orcs

During The War of The Risen Orcs, Morgorath was a Paladin, a warrior of true intentions and a noble heart. He fought valiantly, though an encounter with the Half-Dragon Warlock Barrash, was corrupted and went on a quest, finding half of The Orb of Worlds, and used the Orcs of Grummspire as his army to conquer The Golden World, being remembered in history as a hero.

Monster Hunters

In the 30 years since The War, Morgorath has become a strategic genius, employing the services of Agents to keep Honeremorte from having the power to stop him, while keeping them under his boot, ready to be destroyed should they betray him. He has kept a close eye on The Monster Hunters, eager to have them for his own.


  • In The Golden World, there is another Morgorath, who took a different path, named Grimm.