"A pleasure to meet you, noble adventurers. I am Innslowe of Atall Varda." -Innslowe Dawnshield, to The Children of Frost.

Innslowe Dawnshield is a Polani fighting in the name of The Children of Summer, a warrior pure of heart, unaware of the darker nature of his order. Despite fighting in their name, he has never seen any members of The Children of Summer, with the exception of his mentor, the leader of the order, Gregory Armando. He is also the son of Dawn Snowflower and Artorian Deepwater, and the twin brother of Angela Darkwail.

Physical Appearance

Innslowe is the very image of a warrior of summer, in bright and shining armor, with a red surcoat emblazoned with the insignia of his order, over dazzling chain and plate. His sword is a gold gilded hand and a half sword, and his shield is inherited from his mother, covered in flowers, and capable of natural magic. His helmet covers his entire face. He stands around 7'3 ft tall, and is broad of shoulder.


Innslowe is a warrior of pure heart, believing the moral option to always be the best one. He holds all of The Three Deities in esteem, but holds [[1]] as his patron. He is completely and totally selfless, liable to put his life on the line for innocents and friends at a moments notice. He is more heroic than strategic however and a poor negotiator, and will forgo tactics in favor of gallantry. His pure heart is not free from corruption, and he is under the influence of the leader of The Children of Summer.

Powers and Abilities

Hit Points Ability Score Race Class Feats
90 Strength 20 Angelic Polani Paladin - Oath of the Radiant - 8 Inspiring Leader
Dexterity 9 War Caster
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16
Charisma 20


  • Innslowe has 2 songs on the Winters Heart Soundtrack. These are Innslowe Dawnshield Theme and Innslowe Dawnshield Tragedy. The original song names are  Fairy Tail: Main Theme - Upbeat, and Fairy Tail Sad Theme Song.
  • The voice acting cues for Innslowe are a deep, but not baritone voice, thrown, with exaggerated grandeur. Obviously, there is possibility for deviation as he changes and grows as a character.