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Helmingr from a distance

"Not much but a bunch of hills from a distance, no, but try stepping inside one of our homes if you can. You'll find it to be the most comfortable hearth ever sat around." -Tooken Buckleberry to Aust Bark-Skin, travelling ranger.

Helmingr is the region that is home to the Halflings , and was once a beautiful rustic land, now reduced to white, unrecognizable hills. Those who live there make a living through Berry farming and trade, with physical labor being rare, but well advertised. The homes within Helmingr are built into the hills themselves, and are a stark contrast to


Typical Halfling home

the featureless white outside, with a warm hearth, a well stocked pantry and all the comforts of home. Helmingr is also the home to Errich the Mystic and adopted home of Wingard Bright-Hand.