"The thought had crossed my mind that, if I fell then, I would have a rather long time in which to scream." -Wingard Bright-Hand, Court Wizard of Atall Varda.

Hamarr is the westernmost city, located in the cliffs of The Western Canyons , and is the ancestral home of the Elves. It is built onto the cliffs themselves, with houses connected by bridges and lines over an abyssal drop. There is a small township known as Akr located at the base of the city. The city expansive and high, between above the clouds and beneath the earth, with a flimsy wooden elevator in addition to simple stairs to transport people between levels.


Following the creation of the Demons during The Age of Slithering, many of the first races fled to Wintervale, including the Elves, who founded a city in the mountainous Canyons to the West. The city was intended as a strategic point, where invasions such as the one that destroyed their previous home in Honeremorte could be avoided, the idea being the terrain forbidding incredibly large beings or large forces from attacking from within the city, and the elevator could provide rapid evacuation if necessary. The eventuality the Elves planned for never cam to pass, however, and after hundreds of years of inaction, the city became a noble and political hotspot, a shining star in the world, to reflect the splendour of the Elves, remaining unique and held dear even when races began returning to Honeremorte, and the Kingdom of Elendor was formed.