"A prodigy and genius, and pleasant company if your the patient sort. Though certainly not completely there." -Rorrin Quellisar.

Faradigm Woodcroft, or as known on friendly terms, Fara, is a Halfling weapon maker in Atall Varda . She is known as an eccentric genius, designing and building weapons that bend the laws of weapon construction, the weird and wonderful.

Early Life

Faradigm was orphaned as an infant, and was raised until the age of 4 in Ever-Smile Orphanage, at which time she was adopted by a blacksmith named Sly Woodcroft. She was immediately fascinated by the blacksmith's profession and skills, and took to weapon making almost immediately. After Sly passed away, she inherited his shop, as well as her beloved friend, Smithy, an animated anvil.


Faradigm is quirky and eccentric, not skilled at casual conversation, almost always digressing about intricate designs and theoretically construction. She is otherwise very friendly and cheerful, eager to help and quick to make friends. She otherwise has a habit of talking and acting fast, skipping words and sentences in her excitement.


Faradigm is a master craftswoman, having created many different weapons in the past and always moving on to new projects. Examples of such weapons are:

  • A one handed short halberd.
  • An battleaxe balanced to act as a longsword.
  • A banded, wooden sword designed to concentrate impact, acting as a longsword with slashing replaced by bludgeoning.
  • A greatsword capable of becoming a large scythe.
  • A bo staff capable of forming a hook at one end and a blade at the other.
  • An extendable cane.
  • A rapier with a revolving hilt guard, each chamber acting as a fountain pen to quickly lace the blade with poisons.
  • A flexible frame filled with lead weights acting as a sword length blackjack.
  • A cape filled with slim blades designed for sweeping attacks.
  • A crossbow that shoots throwing stars.
  • Gauntlets with non species specific traps.