"A seeker of that which should never be sought. May Varr protect you then, if you continue on this fool's errand." -Evelyn Breeze-Heart, Captain of The Broken Wave.

Errich the Mystic was a Halfling warlock and adopted brother of Wingard Bright-Hand. He was regarded as a master of lore and seeker of the forbidden, often at the center of the plots of ancient unknowable evils, a hero who tread the ground others trembled at the sight of. He was also revered as a prophet, and his ability to divine the unknowable earned him his namesake of 'The Mystic'.

Early Life

Errich was born to the Lorkept family in The Hills of Helmingr, to a custodian and a shopkeep before The First Snows. His family adopted a wandering Elf child, Wingard Bright-Hand. The two went on many adventures growing up, eventually parting ways to learn the differing natures of magic, with Wingard going West through Toreal Canyon to the cliff side city of Hamarr , and Errich himself travelling East, through The Forest of Memories to Isabrot. The two would not be reunited until 100 years later.

The Mystic

Errich's search for knowledge was one that lay in the forbidden. In Isabrot, he delved deep into the lower cities, learning the lore surrounding Alu , an ancient, unknowable Spirit dwelling in the Depths. Uncovering mysteries and unraveling a secret plot, Errich was marked by Alu as his servant, gaining power and insight in the process. He journeyed further, seeking mysteries and defeating the evils that lay in the darkness others cowered from. He constantly had to battle his own mind while doing so, as his adventures were enough to drive anyone mad. He retained a semblance of sanity, though through great effort and cost, living as a muttering beggar for several years before mastering himself once more, learning the spiritual ways of a druid in the process. He resumed his quest and went on to become a master of the arcane, revered by the few who knew him as a mystic, eventually accepting this name as he heard it.


Errich was eventually reunited with his adopted brother, and, having been told of the existence of The Heart of Winter, accompanied him on a quest, uncovering the knowledge and resources needed to journey to Dhark Ungor. Errich ventured into the darkness, on what would be his final journey. As Errich got closer to The Heart of Winter, the connection between himself and Wingard was severed, leaving him alone beneath the earth, unable to return. Delving deeper still, Errich received visions of a White Dragon, a vision he realized, of his demise. He continued, knowing his fate to be sealed, and fought with the Dragon, meeting his end in one last battle.