"The Dwarves disappeared around nine hundred years ago. Some say there are caverns beneath the snow where some may yet live." -Wingard Bright-Hand, Court Wizard of Atall Varda.

Dhark Ungor is the Dwarven capital, and their last remaining city. Since the First Snows, the city has been trapped under a thick layer of ice and snow, sealing its inhabitants inside. Thereafter, outside the city, Dwarves as a whole are considered a rarity, that even to see one is considered good luck.

Before The First Snows

Dhark Ungor was the Dwarven capitol, the jewel in the eyes of King Hjulmer. It was a metropolis of mines and markets, inns and stone houses, with a sky of magical starlight. It was a metropolis of mines and shops, inns and stone houses.

Current Day

The city is left beneath the snow,only the families of whoever lived there originally now populating the area. The city can only be entered by magical means, and even then only by those who know exactly how to perform the necessary spells. The city has since fallen from its former glory, ruled over by a weak minded and uncaring King, the stars gone dark, monsters emerging from below.

Below the City

Dhark Ungor contains a dark secret. Below the Dwarven city is a large mine leading to an ancient cavern. The cavern is not a natural formation, but is clearly not a Dwarven creation. Deep below even that lies the Heart of Winter, and its guardian, the great white dragon Mhornar.