"I guard this forest. To harm it is to bring down my judgement upon you." -Dawn Snowflower, to her future husband, Artorian Deepwater.

Dawn Snow-Flower is a Polani who once guarded the Forest of Memories. She is also the mother of Innslowe Dawnshield and his twin sister, Angela Darkwail. She currently resides as a potter in Atall Varda.

Early Life

Born to nomads near Toreal Canyon, Dawn was raised as a druid, learning the peaceful ways of the forest, from her family and the Hverfr, having befriended them as a child. She learned how to fight from a Hverfr hunter, but always remained peaceful in her disposition towards living things. She left her family at the age of ten, with the new name of Snowflower, to journey to the Forest of Memories, where she chose to live.

Guardian of the Forest

Dawn found herself enamored with The Forest of Memories, choosing to live there as its guardian for six years. In this time, she grew as a warrior and druid, always believing in the sanctity of life and swearing to guard the Forest with that philosophy in mind. Her life changed when an adventurer named Artorian Deepwater entered the Forest, searching for solace. The two went on many adventures, their fates having been joined. The two eventually fell in love, and she married him at the age of seventeen.

Coming to Atall Varda

After marrying Artorian, Dawn came to Atall Varda with him, prepared to start a new life. The two of them soon had pair of twins, Innslowe Dawnshield and Angela Darkwail. Artorian left soon after the children's birth for what should have been a short journey, though tragically, he never made it back, having been killed at the climax of his journey.

Later Life

Stricken with grief for her deceased husband, Dawn continued to live in Atall Varda, though abandoned the name Snowflower, taking the name Potter in reference to her new profession. She raised her children, Innslowe and Angela as a single mother, until they both left, Angela at the age of fifteen, and Innslowe at the age of seventeen, for their own journeys. She continued to live as a potter, barely noticeable in the bustle of Atall Varda.